Carlo Cesta | commentary


Guido Molinari called the spaces he created in his works “fictional spaces” because, he said: “it happens in the mind and yet involves the totality of perception.” Thus, his painting Blue Quantifier #21 could be perceived as a threshold object that draws the viewer into an inner space. My reading of his work is that of a static object that has a fluid meaning. In my own work, I have long been concerned with “Deep Spaces,” so it is from this point of intersection that I began to respond to Guido Molinari’s work.

With Compliment, my aim was to pay respect to an iconic modernist painting even at the risk of being misunderstood. In the tradition of master and student, I wanted to make a sculptural copy of the painting, affirming its connection to the world of objects while acknowledging the associative power of pure colour. My interest was to create a complimentary fictional space as a physical double of the painting and make a work that might draw viewers into a Deeper Space where opposites attract, histories overlap, and orange is blue.

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