Persona Volare

At light speed, time ceases to change, because it contains all change.

Persona Volare is a group of artists embracing natural representations through the science of observation, identification, description, theoretical explanation and knowledge gained from experience.

The result is a series of transformative representations and beautiful theories. Myth and superstition give way to observation and experiment.

Persona Volare proposes that their work encompasses the idea of screw-type locking connectors, searchlight controls, alignment arrays, brightness ratios, bouncing busy attractions, deviation angles highest useful frequencies, inductive reactions, total harmonic ratios, orbital magnetic moments, liquid fuses, noise attenuation, modulating lights, frictional electricity, colour difference signals, warpage tenacity tests, hissing arcs and rare gas, which, in combination, may break the laws of nature and create flamboyant miracles.

Persona: the representation of the public self

Volare: Italian: to fly...

...or just a mid-seventies' sedan.

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