Lisa Neighbour | biography

Lisa Neighbour is a visual artist living and working in Toronto. Her interests range from print media and mixed media works, to installation sculpture, electricity, knots and divination.

Her exhibitions include: Dalgas Underground (1996) Copenhagen, Denmark, Rococo Tattoo (1997) The Power Plant in Toronto, Ontario, Illuminations (2001) Saidye Bronfman Centre des Arts, Montreal, Quebec, Home Show (2002) Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canadian Club (2005) Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris France, D-Lux (2006) Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, Toronto, Ontario, hic (2006) Installations and Interventions at Hart House, Toronto, Ontario, Night School, Hart House Nuit Blanche (2007), and Love/Hate (2007) at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto.